Teach Prospectus 2019

W elcome ! This prospectus is intended to help you know more about the life and work of the 4 primary schools within the TEACH Multi Academy Trust. TEACH, The Educational Alliance of Canford Heath, was formed in April 2015 with the commitment to work together to benefit the children who attend our 4 schools but also our local community. The 4 schools within TEACH, Ad Astra Infants, Haymoor Junior, Canford Heath Infants, and Canford Heath Junior, have all come together to raise not only standards of pupil attainment and improve pupil progress, but to also benefit from shared resourcing, economies of scale and collaborative practice. We are proud that all our schools are judged either `Good` or `Outstanding` by Ofsted, and are well regarded by other local schools as a source of excellent practice and pedagogy. We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and have taken decisive action since April 2015 to make our Trust a success. As CEO and EHT, I aim to ensure that decisions needed are swiftly taken, and that no-matter which TEACH school you send your child to, they get the best education and care possible. Most importantly, myself and my Heads of School, have a passion for `primary education`, and our admissions policy and overall ethos is to promote an educational experience for the children that is truly primary focussed. If you choose to send your child to one of our Trust schools, we look forward to welcoming them, and you, into our school community, and to helping your child participate fully in all we have to offer. We are confident that your child will look back at their time with us with very fond, lifelong memories. Kate Carter BA (Hons) PGCE NPQH CEO/Executive Headteacher Kate Carter CEO/Executive Headteacher